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Welcome to comics_fanart the Comic Books Fanart Community! Here you'll find fan-created artworks based on comic book characters.

Community rules:

1. Fanart based on characters owned by DC, Marvel, and other comics publishers is welcome.

2. Fanart can include scanned drawings or paintings, computer-created art, or manipulated images.

3. Please include the name(s) of the character(s) in the fanart in the subject line of each post. Specifying the comics titles characters appear in is optional.

4. Art may be posted directly to the community, or a link to an existing LJ post may be posted. (Links to offsite image hosts such as Photobucket or deviantArt are also acceptable. However, all art images must be placed behind an lj-cut. One or two "thumbnail" images can be placed outside the cut to give community visitors a preview of what's in the post, but the thumbnails cannot total more than 50kb in file size. Thumbnails are optional.

5. Multiple images may be included in one post, but please limit each post to four images (except icons, see below) or a maximum of 3MB (total for all images, not per image). This will ensure that people with dialup connections and slower computers can still view and comment on your art!

6. Icons may be posted if they are being offered for general use, whether they use original fanart or cropped and/or manipulated art from a comic. Please include a minimum of three icons in any icon post, but no more than thirty per post; larger icon sets may be split up over multiple posts. As with other art images, all icons must be placed behind an lj-cut. One or two "sample" icons can be placed outside the cut to give community visitors a preview, but the samples cannot total more than 40kb in file size. Sample icons are optional.

7. The term "Not Worksafe" must appear outside the lj-cut on any post which includes an image or link to an image which contains nudity or suggestive positioning. MPAA-style ratings (PG, R, NC-17) and other types of warnings are welcome but not necessary. Minors, or their parents, are responsible for not clicking on links to content they should not view.

8. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you are posting a link to art you did not create, be sure to state clearly that it is not your own work. Do not post images by another artist to the community unless you have the artist's permission, for example if they don't have their own livejournal. Anyone who takes credit for another's art on this community will be banned, no exceptions, no second chances.

9. Flaming will not be tolerated. Please do not point out flaws in someone else's posted art unless their post specifically says constructive criticism is welcome. Constructive criticism should be constructive: saying "his feet look too big" is good, saying "OMG why are his feet so ugly" is not.

10. comics_fanart is a slash-friendly community, but it is not slash-only. Art featuring m/m, m/f, and f/f pairings, as well as pairingless art, are all welcome. Please do not comment on others' posts complaining about the subject matter.

11. Try to use standard English spelling and punctuation in your posts. While English is not everyone's native language, l33t5p34k is no one's native language.

12. Maintain the squee. This is, at base, a community designed to celebrate art and artists, and the joy they bring to the fannish community at large. Fun is your *duty*. (:

For comics-based fanfiction, check-out dcfic_index, marvelfic_index and get_vertigo.

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